Board Performance Evaluation

PICG’s Board Performance Evaluation service enables an assessment of how the Board has performed on a range of performance factors including board structure and procedures, board’s oversight of company strategy, risk management and internal controls, and the Chair’s and CEO’s role. The Code of Corporate Governance and State Bank of Pakistan Guidelines recommend that listed companies, particularly banks and DFIs, conduct externally facilitated board evaluations at least once every three years.

PICG in collaboration with The Corporate L.I.F.E. Centre International Inc. (CLCI), a North America based consultancy firm, has developed an online self-assessment solution for boards that opt for self-assessment of their annual performance.

PICG has extensive board evaluation experience, using a fully client-customized approach which focuses on the role and performance of boards, board committees and individual directors. These evaluations also help identify areas for improvement in board decision making, performance and accountability.