Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors

This Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to the Board of Directors, including all the Executive and Non-Executive Directors (the Board) of Pakistan Institute of Code of Corporate Governance (the Institute), from the date of their appointment/election on the Board.

As a member of the Board of the Institute, every director is expected to adhere to the standards of loyalty, good faith, and the avoidance of conflict of interest situations


Code of Conduct for Employees

This Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to all persons employed by the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (Institute/PICG) as permanent, contract or third party (the Employee) and Internees and Volunteers (to the extent of this Code, they all will be referred to as the Employee). Acceptance and compliance of the Code and any change therein are mandatory to remain in the Employment of the Institute. The Employee may approach their Line Manager or the Human Resources Department (the HRD) if any clarity is required.