About Director Training Program

The Code of Corporate Governance (2019) has brought significant changes to corporate governance practices in Pakistan. This includes greater attention to- and mandatory provisions in- board composition and separation in roles of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Since 2007, PICG- in collaboration with IFC- has offered the Corporate Governance Leadership Skills and the Company Exclusive Director Training Program. PICG currently offers two sections of the DTP program:

  • DTP (Corporate Governance Leadership Skills)
  • Company Exclusive Director Training Program

Who Should Attend?

Board Members
Executive Directors
Senior Functional Managers
Corporate Governance Executives

What DTP Offers

Added to the IDD

Certified directors can be added to the independent director database maintained by PICG as approved by the SECP.

IFC Trained Faculty

Trained and delivered by a team of experienced faculty who have undergone IFC Training.

Quality Course Content

Highest quality 3 module course content available nationwide.

E Learning Services

Facilitates your learning with easy use of E-Learning Services online.

Speedy Certification

Flexible and speedy certification for professionals.

Company Exclusive Director Training Program

PICG, Pakistan’s leader in Executive Education, is pleased to present its Company Exclusive in-house Director Training Program which addresses key issues brought to significance in The Corporate Code of Governance and other international best practices, conducted at a time and venue suited to organizational requirements.